It's been 16 years since I first remastered Jack Traylor's "Child of Nature" album.
Reaching out to Jack with a copy of his CD was the start of a friendship, he became one of my best friends.
I am saddened by his passing and all the pain he endured up to that point, may he rest in peace.
I have once again remastered "Child of Nature" this time from a mint copy using my highly evolved
equipment and procedures for remastering vinyl in Hi Res Audio.
The new CD was remastered in 24bit/96kHz HiRes format and is also available in FLAC
If you are interested in 24/96 FLAC or WAV versions, they are the same price as a CD shipped Priority Mail on a Thumb Drive
A specail price of $25 plus shipping for both. Please email Eric Van der Wyk with any questions

If the above plugin doesn't work, you can download the video here.

Jack Traylor and Steelwind Child of Nature on CD

Jack Traylor and Steelwind's classic album from 1973 "Child of Nature" is now available as a special
limited collector's edition CD thanks to kind permission from Jack Traylor and at the request of his fans!

Jack Traylor "It has long been out of print and, for the most part, out of mind.  When I first got the digital remake of the album, I was a little reluctant to open that door again but as soon as I heard the first tune, I was pleased and astounded by the clarity and quality of the reproduction.  In the studio, I was always amazed at how an engineer was able to make me greater than I was. I suspect the same is true of this reproduction."

Jack Traylor

The album has been remastered from OOP vinyl by
This special edition CD includes full color glossy artwork based on the original album art!

Child of Nature album cover Steelwind album cover

The CD is available for only $15 plus shipping, that's $17.50 for first class USA
or $19 for Air Mail to Europe
You may use PayPal to use your credit card securely, please click on a button!
To pay by check or money order, please email for instructions.
If you would like more than one copy, please email with your request so we can combine shipping.

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SteelwindJack Traylor and Steelwind
Click on these pictures for Steelwind Posters!
Posters courtesy of Mike Somavilla

Who is the "Child of Nature?"  Click here to find out!

Steelwind lineup:
Jack Traylor: guitar/vocals
Craig Chaquico: lead guitar/mandolin
Danny Virdier: bass/vocals
Skip Morairty: flute/guitar/vocals
Diana Harris: vocals/piano
David Freiberg: keyboards

Jack Traylor's fans have been asking about "Child of Nature" on the Jefferson Starship's A-Deck Open Forum ever since Jack's noted performance with the Jefferson Starship reunion concert in San Rafael April, 2003.
Here are some comments from his fans!

Eric, I can't believe how fast the cd got here! I am blown away how great it sounds!!! It sounds so much better than my mint vinyl copy. It is already down loaded on my i pod, and to my surprise, track listings and artist credits! A true first class experience. "Child Of Nature" has been one of my "Desert Island Albums" since it's release in 1973. I am blown away that it now has been brought into the digital age. "Reissue of the Year" as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the 1st class service!!!! Steve Rowe

Eric,   Received the Steelwind CD and your package. Forwarded one copy to the UK and listened to the other one last night. My compliments, bar none, without a doubt of any CD taken from vinyl that I have heard this is the best sounding CDr, period. You could have fooled me, had I not known I would not have suspected that this was taken off of an old LP, even a perfect never before played one. I found in the past that even if there is no vinyl surface noise as a dead giveaway the dynamics just are not there and it usually sounds flat and the umpf is missing and one has to turn the volume up fairly high. Great job – I am impressed!   Heinz  
Heinz Geissler Management

Hi Eric:
Just received the CD this afternoon here at work and wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with the CD.  I had never heard of Jack Traylor or this is all new music to me. I am enjoying every song and glad to have it in my collection now! The sound you have reproduced is absolutely great, so clear at the low volume I must play it at here at work. Flute, harmonica, brushes on the snare, acoustic guitar, vocals........everything is crystal clear to my untrained ear!  Very nice!   I also like the CD jackets, both front and back. I wasn't sure if I would get something like that......fantastic work!  I am very happy with my CD and I just wanted you to know it. You do what you do very well!

thanks again!
See ya'


 Got the CD on Thursday.  What excellent service!  After a couple of plays, I've really got into it.  I think the sound quality is excellent from what I can hear, so I've think you've done a great job in transferring the music between media.  I also think you've done a good job with the artwork, which is nice to see.  Very professional.

I receive the disc on Friday and I am enjoying it immensely! The audio quality is very nice. Thank you for your prompt delivery. I will spread the word.

Hi Eric,
I am surprised that your vinyl copy of the Steelwind album was in such good shape, or perhaps I should be even more congratulating you for the quality of the transfer.  I have noticed there is a bright sound quality, excellent dynamics, and no crackle or pop at all.  A very enjoyable listen for the quality alone. I appreciate the opportunity to hear it again and in high fidelity. Wore out my vinyl long ago. Wonderful music.

It arrived almost immediately -- I'm so impressed! 
Thanks again,

Wow! - got my copy of Steelwind 2day - that's fast to the UK!
Thanks so much - such a GREAT album - a revelation !
Great vibe, great sound !
Thanks soooo much

I think I'll chime in with words of praise for "Child of Nature".
A great album, I bought my CD copy from King Tet.
Peace, Matt

Thanks for this great Steelwind CD. So many years in obscurity - it's nice to see it and hear it in the light.
Great graphics, fantastic sound!
Many blessings and thanks for the extras!
Bill, D

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