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I was just thinking about The Blob that I saw in July of 1958. You see, the Cornell Theater was the first cinemahouse to offer air conditioning that very year, which was quite a treat in the 105-degree San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles area. The Loma Theater was playing The Giant Behemoth and the California Theater (all in Burbank) was playing Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon. At the Magnolia Theater, on that very day, was playing a Western entitled From Hell to Texas. So I saw "Stephen" McQueen's flick because of the lastest public invention in comfort. Funny how life is, huh? If you were to look in Leonard Maltin's video guide, you would see that all of the above-mentioned flicks are from the year 1958. What I didn't realize at the time was that the Cold War w/Russia had inspired much of that monster-movie hysteria.  I think that I Married a Monster from Outer Space, too, or...I Married a Teenage Monster (in the Cold War vibe) was playing on that hot Saturday back in 1958, too, at the Major Theater (burned down in summer 1960); it had no air-conditioning either which is why I ended up seeing The Blob at the Cornell Theatre

I was there in 1958 at the Colonial Theater in Downtown Augusta Maine. I was 6 years old. There was one gigantic screen.  As close as I was sitting, the first scenes with the Blob wraped around the hand, terrorized me so thoroughly I ran out of the theater. I think I avoided the terrors from outer space flics for awhile. I became a big Godzilla fan and also did not miss any of the Vincent Price horror shows.
Roger P.


It's a now a go go blob.. When I watched that film years ago I was confused
by the soundtrack???!!!!. Was he a nice blob was he a good blob (apologies
to D. Hopper, Apocalypse now) .Whats up there?



What were they thinking???


You'd think they'd use a minor key!



I Truly Would Love To Make Up A Dance Called " The Blob" ......To Creep
and Leap etc, Would Make An Interesting Dance!

I remember setting up a huge "portable" cassette record right next to the single speaker of our tiny black & white T.V. right before "The Blob" started so that I could record this song.
Art Morales





I heard a song recently called "The Mambo" or "Mambo" or something.......a rather repetitive current hit. I told my wife that it sounded like the theme from the Blob.' I told her there had to be a sound file on the net. 

Figures.....when I found your site I pissed my pants laughing, and I've played it for about 100 people!

Thanks for taking the time to share this gem.


Richard Vanderlubbe

I'm so glad I found this "tune"! We can't stop playing it for a giggle...
Tina Ly

I think The Blob is a horror movie about bad housekeeping. It plays on 1950's fears of household germs: it crawls through your door, on the wall, a splotch, a blotch--beware of the blob!
Thanks for the song--it's actually a serious piece of music until the lyrics come in.

University of Chicago Humanities Open House

After seeing the Blob, i had only one calling in life, and you provided it. Thanks for making that theme tune available. It makes me happy to hear it. Every time.
David Prior

I will never cease to be amazed at the musical genious of Burt Bacharach. I
grew up on his superb songwriting from the Shirelles and Dusty Springfield
up to modern day artists that cannot help but reach chart-topping success by
playing Burt's songs.

The guy seems like a down-to-earth humble human being and I would consider
myself extremely fortunate to someday meet him face to face.
Tim Arnold

i remember buying the 45 of "the blob". after about 100 or 200 times playing turned it over and if i recall correctly there was a neat song titled " saturday night if tiajuanna".

i wish i could find my 45, and see if i'm right. thanks for the blast from the past. randy b.

After repeatedly rewinding the tape just to hear the theme (and try to
cha-cha to it as well), my wife suggested some friends of ours would
probably enjoy the theme and the hokey plot as well; she was right. We
laughed and made comments about the dialogue and repeatedly played the
theme. Good clean fun about Jell-O gone wrong.

Gilroy, CA

I watched this movie in science. It was really funny and for the next 2 days EVERYBODY was singing the song. We made the teacher rewind the movie just to hear it again. I like the part when they are in the grocery store. They have 15 other ailes to go down but they go to the frezer. But I guess that it was important, huh. We got a laugh on the prices 8cents for a movie !!! I wish it was still like that. Oh well. I LOVE the '50's and old movies.


I'm doing a project called sludge and based it off of the movie The Blob. I found your site while looking for information on the movie, that theme song is funny. My parents saw the Blob when they were younger, but i have never seen it. Thank you for putting that site up, it gave me a laugh and a catchy song stuck in my head for a long time.


hi Eric,

Thanks for your page, always loved the film as well as many others of the same era and genre, not to mention the funny theme song. Those films seem to always have had an element of humour in them somewhere - intended or unintended hehe.

Rob from "Point Blank", Sydney Australia 

My god-i love this song!
props to bacharach!!!
it IS the funniest part of the movie.
thanks for having it on your site-i was dying to hear it!!!!!
happy halloween!

I saw the picture when I was 9 years old and wouldn't
sleep without a bedroom lamp on for around 3 years!
I'd wake up waiting for it to roll out of the bathroom into my room!

Braxton Moyer

I saw this as a kid and just watched it yesterday, and
on the first hearing of the theme, I knew it was
already one of my favorite songs. It's just the BEST.
Thanks for putting it where I can listen to it!

San Francisco

I just love this song. I have it on a novelty disk, and whenever it comes on, I find myself doing a sinuous blob dance. I frequently have fantasies of staging some kind of performance piece using this music, featuring somebody in a blob costume surrounded by Las Vegas style show dancers.

Levin & Company

The 1950's? Way before my time. I was born and growing up during the 1970's, although our Blob friend had made a somewhat of a comeback for seconds with a few films back then. You would think that after the first film, that they would've figured it out his weakness and killed it once and for all. But oh no, it went into an ice skating ring and someone turned on the freezing machine so it freezes, and whle it was frozen and harmless, someone shown the spotlight on the frozen blob, while being interviewed for the tv news, and then the spotlight defrosted a small sector of the blob so it could ooze out and do some more damage.
I saw the last release of the Blob on Tv and beleive me, that blob doesn't look any better. They managed to explode the snow tanks with the blob onto it, making it into red crystals where it remains harmless. The Reverend was stupid enough to save a section of the blob into a jar for what, more damage. This is one monster movie that Speilberg wouldn't touch. And even if they store the remaining crystals into a freezing tank. Eventually the power is going to blow and the Blob will just go on another feast. Can't they just send the frozen blob back into space where it came from or just send it to the sun and let the Blob explode and burn up into a million pieces.
John M

Thanks so much for putting this song on your site! I LOVE IT and will start singing it anywhere…so catchy!!!
I’m thrilled you have this…I play it over and over until my coworker tells me she’s going nuts.

Los Angeles, CA

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